Monday, February 27, 2012

Zoya Skylar

Zoya Skylar from the 2012 True Collection

Today am I very excited to review a Zoya polish for you! Since we have not done a Zoya before, let's do the quick run down...
Zoya polishes can be purchased from, from many online retailers such as ,, and, and shockingly enough, even at many Whole Foods grocery stores! Their Italian glass bottles are certainly pretty , and are relatively stable. They hold .5 oz, like China Glaze or OPI. The handle on their brushes is a little shorter normal, but I actually found it easier to use than many, as I was able to use my pointer finger to help stable the end of the brush when painting my right hand. The brush itself is nicely trimmed, not exceptionally wide or thin.
Skylar is a dusty, denim blue with quite a bit of beautiful silver shimmer. The first coat was a bit scary- kind of streaky and uneven. To the credit of the polish, it was very easy to manipulate, no flooding or goopy messes. Much to my pleasant surprise, the second coat of polish fixed everything! With just two coats it was opaque, drying quickly, and totally worth the minimal effort I had to put out.
Just an FYI, I have read in several places that this is a near dupe to OPI I Have A Herring Problem from the Dutch collection. In this case, I hear the Zoya has a better formula, so I would gladly recommend Skylar!


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    1. Thanks! This reminded me how much I like Zoyas :) Very glad I picked this one up!