Sunday, February 19, 2012

Icing Written In the Stars

Base: New York Summer Hot Purple
Layer 1: Wet'N'Wild Hannah Pinktana
Layer 2: Icing Written In the Stars
Topped with: one layer of New York Summer Hot Purple

Okay, time to wrap this sandwich up!
Since we were making a jelly sandwich together, and already have layers of New York Summer Hot Purple and Wet'N'Wild Hannah Pinktana, I thought it was time to throw in some chunky glitter.
Icing Written In the Stars can be purchased at the accessories store Icing. The polish is made up of medium and large hex semi-holo glitter with blue stars in a sheer purple base. I believe the base is sheer enough where it would not change the color of a polish it was layered over, but it seems it would be safest to stick with layering it over blues or purples. I found it fairly easy to pick up the hex glitter, but you really do have to pick out the stars with a toothpick or orange wood stick to get any on the nail.
I absolutely love chunky glitter in a "jelly sandwich" because the large pieces of glitter look so pretty trapped in between the layers of jelly polish! I do not usually wear large glitter by itself, but layered like this, it's just slightly muted while still sparkling back at you. Not easy to describe, so I will let the pictures do the talking:

And that, my friends, is a completed jelly sandwich! Hope you enjoy <3


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