Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Julep Glenn

Julep Glenn
Today deserved something bright and cheery! I let a friend pick the polish for the day, and she could not resist this rather stunning red.
The quick run down on Julep since we have not had a polish from them yet; Julep is available from . Their polish retails for $14 a bottle, and if you'd like to try them, I recommend the Julep Maven box. Julep Maven  is a monthly program which cost $19.99 including shipping. In the program you receive two bottles of polish, their choice but based off the results of your style test, and usually one other treat like hand or body scrub. I am less than thrilled with the packaging, and honestly the amount of polish in the bottle. The polish comes in a thin, tall rectangular bottle (which always falls over when I open my drawers of polish) and style reminds me of a bottle of stripping polish. Well, the style looks like a bottle of stripping polish because it only has about as much as a stripper! For example, my bottles of Kiss Nail Art Paint contain .25 oz, and Julep bottles contain .27 oz- by contrast OPI and China Glaze have .50 oz.
Glenn is really a great color though! It came in their February, celebrating the Oscars. It is a very red carpet red, described on their website as a bold berry red shimmer. It applied like a dream! No muss, no fuss, just red carpet treatment for your nails! I could really tell the formula was fantastic because of how quick I was able to finish painting my nails- being able to skip clean up really saves time!The pictures are two easy coats and the color is completely opaque!
I have mixed feeling on Julep. As I mentioned, the polish is just fantastic, but at $14 for .27 oz, it is a very high end price. I have a few more bottles of their polish to try, so many after a few more I'll be able to give a more solid opinion on the brand.


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