Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New York Summer Hot Purple

Polish: New York Summer Hot Purple

I've read so many posts written by people who just love "jelly" polishes but being someone who favors opaque polishes, I rarely wear them myself. Since I do have three bottles of jelly polish by New York Summer, I figured it was time to share some grape jelly goodness!
I have only seen the New York Summer brand in a small mom and pop nail polish store, but from what I understand, it is available online as well. They come in a rather inconspicuous bottle with no frills, and extremely inexpensive (I believe I paid $1.50 for mine)- if you did not know what you're looking for, you may leave it on the shelf 100 times. However, I had heard rumor of the magic these bottles held, and get it share it with you today.
Jelly polishes are thinner than most polishes, taking many layers to build up opacity, though the pay off is a rich, jelly like finish. Honestly, this polish really does look like I very carefully applied concord grape jelly on each one of my nails.
Here are the results with two pretty painless coats:

This is the base for the next few posts I will show you, as we make a "jelly sandwich" together!
Nom, nom, nom <3

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