Friday, February 10, 2012

Color Club Antiquated

Color Club Antiquated from the 2011 Foiled Collection
I shared my love for Color Club in my recent post reviewing Blue-Topia, and in the post, the love continues. Antiquated came from the Foiled Collection, a set of six lovely foils in various colors, that released this past year. The color is a soft gold, reminding me of the tone of a well loved vintage gold ring.
This polish won me over in several ways. Without a question, this was a foil done right! The consistency of the polish was perfect, no running, no goo, just smooth fine foil goodness. I just love foil finishes because they give you sparkle and shimmer, but they aren’t as loud as glitter might be. The color was also great for my skin tone, as often brighter gold tones are not flattering on me at all. This almost felt like wearing a golden nude.
I’d highly recommend this polish to anyone looking for a great gold, and the entire collection for anyone who wants an excellent set of foils.


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