Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sinful Colors Starfish

Sinful Colors Starfish from the 2011 Adventure Island collection
I recently had an occasion where I did not feel bold nails were appropriate. *gasp!* As rare as those occasions are, it makes me glad I have a few nice pinks in my collection.
Sinful Colors Starfish released in 2011 with the Adventure Island collection that was their knock off the the OPI Pirates of the Caribbean collection. They had a few colors that were nearly dupes for the OPI's, such as Sinful Color's Open Seas to OPI's Mermaid's Tears. However, I do not consider Sinful Color's Starfish to be a dupe to the OPI color Steady as She Rose from the Pirates collection.
Those things said, this was a very pleasant soft pink crème. The application was very easy, and I would recommend most of Sinful Color's cremes to those who have not tried the brand yet. This really did not require any clean up, and I believe it would be a pretty universally flattering color. This was a very nice color for those who want something delicate that will still leave them feeling polished.


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