Monday, February 13, 2012

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby

OPI Royal Rajah Ruby from the Spring 2008 India collection

I had an intense day of cleaning today, and after destroying my manicure, despite wearing gloves, I decided to dye my hair to unwind a bit. The color ended up a little more brown than I wanted, but the Deep Cherry Brown name on the box was not entirely inaccurate. With my hair successfully dyed, I figured it was a good time to change my polish too.
Feeling especially indecisive, I decided to ask my husband what color I should paint my nails. His reply was, “What colors do you have?”, which nearly made me spit my tea out, since at 493 bottles my first thought was, “What color don't I have?” Ultimately, he suggested I paint my nails to match my nails- challenge accepted!
From all that, I ended up with OPI Royal Rajah Ruby. I can't sell you how many times I've picked up this polish and put it back, but I'm glad it made it on my nails. The color is a deep, deep red with just a touch of brown and beautiful shimmer. I was surprised to find the formal was a bit watery, though still workable- I suppose I have been spoiled by cremes lately. It took 2 coats, but the end color was worth it. Deep, a bit vampy, and perfect choice for my recently shortened nails.
I highly recommend this polish! After all, what girl doesn't want rubies on their nails?


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