Friday, February 17, 2012

Wet'N'Wild Hannah Pinktana

Base: New York Summer Hot Purple
Layered with: Wet'N'Wild Hannah Pinktana

In my previous post I mentioned we would be making a jelly sandwich. We started with a yummy, squishy two layers of New York Summer Hot Purple- it's time to move on to the next layer.
Wet'N'Wild is a brand widely available at most drugstores and many all purpose retail stores (such as Target). What makes the brand especially attractive is that they keep their price point quite low and affordable while generally delivering quality products.
Hannah Pinktana is from their Fast Dry line- I have several of these, especially in some of the fun glitters they've released- the polish itself is pretty darn good. What keeps me from buying much more than their glitters, which I generally layer over another color, is that their brush stinks, making precise application a chore. Specifically what I don't like it that it is rather "moppy", often has stray hairs, and is just not trimmed with enough care to make me want to use it most of the time.
Now that you've tolerated my mini rant, let's get back to the good stuff! The base for this color is a very sheer purple, where you could layer it over purples or pinks without changing the color of the polish you layered it over. It has very fine glitter, and in the right light, even picks up a lovely scattered holo.
I think it's awesome for adding some delicate sparkle to any purple or pink manicure!

With flash to pick up some of the scattered holo effect

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