Saturday, February 4, 2012

Nabi Sky Twinkle

Base: Color Club Blue-topia from the 2011 Back to Boho collection
Layered with: Nabi Sky Twinkle
Nabi Sky Twinkle is a polish with fine silver holographic glitter and the occasional slightly larger blue fleck in a blue/purple jelly base.
This polish came from a Random Act of Kindness received from a friend in Ireland, and while I have never seen this polish in stores where I live, they are easy to find on eBay and quite affordable. The bottles hold .53 oz, just a smidge more than OPI but slightly less than Orly. The shape of the bottle reminds me a bit of Revlon bottles, though slightly less tapered at the top. The cap is quite large, and does not have a removable top (example, Butter London polish has a very wide cap, but the top is removable, making it easier to use). I did not find the larger cap too awkward to polish with despite the size. The brush is quite standard and created no issues.
Back to the polish itself, one thing I noticed on the cap was a sticker highlighting their “New & Thick Formula”. They were not kidding on that! The jelly base was very thick, though not goopy, I did end up putting in a few drops of thinner. I will say, given the choice between watery thin and a bit thick, I will take thick any day because that is so much easier to fix! What I did love about this polish was the density of the glitter. This was an awesome polish because the density I saw in the bottle translated exceptionally well to the nail. I used two coats, I could have easily done just one, but that glitter was calling to me. In lower light, the glitter just looks like find silver flecks- with my dark blue base it looked like the night sky. Under brighter light, the holographic glitter really popped and played in the light- it really looked like millions of twinkling stars on my nail. Love!

Do you have a favorite glitter polish?
Have you ever used Nabi polishes before?


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