Monday, March 5, 2012

Finger Paints Motley

Finger Paints Motley from the 2011 Specific Effects collection
over Venique Shady Ombre

Since Venique Shady Ombre did not have as much shimmer as I had hoped, it seemed like an ideal time to pull out another flakie polish!
Finger Paints Motley is a flakie polish with beautiful blue and green flashes. I used two layer in this manicure. Some people have said that the flakies are a bit sparse in the Special Effects collection- I personally do not agree, and once again must say that this was probably my favorite collection for 2011. I really like the way the blue and green flakies looked on the gray base- it look a calm, chic color and added a little pizzazz, reminded me of an Easter Egg.
Not much else to say about this polish, but I can not way to try it over other colors!


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