Friday, March 23, 2012

Barielle Belly Dance

Barielle Belly Dance from the summer 2010 High Steppin' collection

After all the greens of late, I decided I need a nice palette cleanser. This was one of the rare occasion where I was on a mission for a soft pink- something to add some color but not distract me.
I had an order from Barielle came in not too long and figured why not try one of the two pinks I had ordered. Belly Dance is, well, I hate to use the word boring, because that sounds like I dislike it (which isn't true!). I think a better way to put it is that this shade is your typical girly pink. It does have just a touch of tan to it and some shimmer to help it stand out from other pinks.
Application was pretty easy, and what you see are two coats. Clean up was a cinch, as pinks do tend to be pretty forgiving.
I do like this color quite a bit, but I am even more excited to share my next post where you see what a great canvas it made for a little spring time nail art!


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