Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Diamond Cosmetics Clear Matte Topcoat

Base: OPI Thanks a Windmillion 
Layered with Love & Beauty Light Green /L.A. Girl Crowd Surfing
Topped with Diamond Cosmetics Clear Matte Topcoat.

A few summers ago as I was getting back into polish, I made a rather large purchase from Diamond Cosmetics. I had heard some great things about their polish, and at only $2.50 a bottle, it was a good way to get some unique, non-drugstore brands into my stash.
One of the items I ordered was a Matte Topcoat. Matte topcoats basically take the glossy shine off your manicure and leave with a matte finish- while matte is defined as dull and flat, I am hesitant to call it that. OPI has released matte colors under the description of Suede finish, Zoya as matte Velvet, and Orly, China Glaze, and Essie have all released topcoats, like the one we're looking at today. I prefer to keep a matte top coat on hand, it seems less expensive and less space consuming than buying colors specially because they're matte. It also allows you to use it on a variety of polishes and in layered manicures.
Matte topcoats are very simple to use- simply complete your manicure like normal, top off the matte coat, but do no put any other topcoat over it, as that would make it shiny once again. 
Here are the results:

Before and After

I really like the way the gold flakies still popped in the sun, but the glitter because much more tame and subtle! What do you think?


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