Sunday, March 4, 2012

Venique Shady Ombre

Venique Shady Ombre

Venique is a new brand to me- I recently found it at CosmoProf, but it can also purchased at through Beauty of a Site. 
Venique's polish is unique because it contains Sil-Tek, a silicone-based ingredient that causes the polish to be flexible, and more resistant to chipping. The packaging is quite nice, with a steady square base that tapers up, somewhat like an inkwell. The brush was neatly trimmed, not super wide like OPI, nor as thin as an Essie. It had a nice amount of give, making it easier to paint by cuticles without making a mess. 
Shady Ombre is a blue leaning gray- in the bottle, it appeared to have delicate blue and pink shimmer. I couldn't resist! It was very easy to paint with, and while the first coat was a little patchy, I found it covered quite well in just two coats. The bad news was that the delicate shimmer in the bottle was almost entirely lost on the nail. It took just the right amount of light to make it appear sadly- too secret a shimmer for me. The good news is that this was a great gray- I was shocked how much I like it! I tend to pick more 'colorful' colors, purples, blues, greens, and such, but the touch of blue in this gray made it so wearable- very chic.
I really like this polish, even with the overly secret shimmer, and will probably buy more shades from this brand. 


  1. I just took this one off, I was so disappointed with how it dried. Still though, good application and formula.

    1. When you say how it dried do you mean the finish in terms of texture or appearance? Because I was really sad that the beautiful shimmer in the bottle just did not show up much on the nail... Don't you hate when a polish teases like that?