Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Water Marble / Oil Spill Manicure

I've loved the look of water marble manicures, but because of several failed attempts, I had been turned off from the idea for a while. I recently got some advice from on how to do a water marble from a friend, and armed with her advice and a couple of disposable plastic shot glasses, I decided to try once more.
I thought the shimmer of the 'oil spill' style manicures was so pretty, so I knew exactly the colors I wanted to use. I started out my painting my nails with OPI Black Onyx so no thin or bald spots would show through. In the shot glass I dropped Sally Hansen HD DVD and a couple nameless Forever 21 polishes, then hoped for the best. While the results were pretty, and only got better after a thin coat of  Sinful Colors Pearl Harbor, it was messy, so I am showing pre-clean up photos.
This was lots of fun, and in the future, I think I will try covering the area around the nail with some thick hand cream so clean up will not be as much work.


  1. very pretty :) congrats on the success of water marbling, I have not been able to make it work yet (my polishes don't spread well) - as far as clean up is concerned, rubbing a thin layer of either vaseline or cuticle oil on the skin works well for clean up :)

  2. I hate the mess of water marbles but they look SO COOL!!! This came out really nice, I love it! Makes me want to go do a watermarble.