Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Model's Own Purple Blue

This is my first Model's Own, as I prefer to buy my polishes in the store instead of by mail when ever possible. I was so happy to hear that Urban Outfitters was carrying select Model's Own colors and even more excited to hear they were on sale for $5. I am a huge fan of duochromes so this polish practically jumped into my hand. As much as I love the colors, they did remind me a bit of a bruise- those really dark purples and blues. These polish really would have benefited to be layered over black, purple, or blue creme, but I hoped it was be an opaque foil when I put it on and wore it without. I was wrong- it took three thick coats to get it nearly opaque. It is still very pretty and I have no issues with the formula itself, though I would probably not wear it on its own in the future. I am glad to add this bottle to my collection, and hope to add many more bottles of Model's Own!


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