Monday, April 2, 2012

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Sapphire

Base: OPI Pepe's Purple Passion
Topped with: Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Ruby Sapphire

To get over the let down that Pepe's Purple Passion was, I decided to pull out something very special! This is an oldie- about 10 years old!- but a goodie! Ruby Sapphire was a gift from a friend- I found it in her polish basket, and when she saw how excited I was about it, it got to come home with me.
The Nail Prisms line was released in 2002 and offered an exciting line of colors such as duochromes like Amber Ruby, and linear holographic polishes like Blush Diamond. Ruby Sapphire is a beautiful color that often looks purple, but flashes blue and red depending on the lighting. These polishes are quite sheer, so I recommend layering them over a color that would compliment them or black.
Application of this polish was a breeze- not one bit of clean up required. It only took one coat to take a manicure I almost immediately wiped off, Pepe's Purple Passion, and turn it into something stunning!
If you find any of the Nail Prism polishes, I recommend picking them up! They have shown up in 5 packs recently as Ross and Grocery Outlet stores.


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