Sunday, April 29, 2012

China Glaze Fast Track

China Glaze Fast Track from the Spring 2012 Hunger Games collection

Despite the gloriously warm weather, sometimes you want a little break from all the corals and neons that scream summer. This is why the Hunger Games collection was so great- for being a spring collection, there was such a nice variety of colors; darks like Smoke and Ashes, bright oranges like Riveting, taupes like Foie Gras, and the most incredible nude ever Fast Track.
Yes, I just declared the Fast Track the most incredible nude ever! Why? Because it's more than just your typical "How close can I get to my skin tone?" nude. The beautiful gold super fine glitter/flakies truly set this apart from any other nude I've ever seen. Application was a breeze, and just two coats left it perfectly opaque.
So, without question, I'd recommend it-heck, I'd recommend a back up bottle! I hope you enjoy...


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