Thursday, April 19, 2012

China Glaze Liquid Crystal

China Glaze Liquid Crystal from the 2012 Spring Prismatic collection
After wear some of the lovely, but soft and tame, from the OPI NYC Ballet collection, it was time for something fun and colorful! I recently purchased some of the polishes from the Prismatic collection and I'm so happy to share one with you today.
Liquid Crystal is the blue glitter from the collection- the sky blue glitter base is so dense at just two coats, it almost looks like a foil, and it has a unique duochrome property, flashing purple in the right light. Within the fine blue glitter base there are slightly larger pieces of pink, green, silver, yellow, and orange glitter. For a glitter, application was exceptional with even distribution and a manageable formula.
Believe it or not, this polish lasted through a Joe's Crab Shack Lobster Daddy Feast without chipping!


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