Friday, April 13, 2012

OPI Care to Danse?

OPI Care to Danse? from the Spring 2012 NYC Ballet collection
I was so excited for this collection- a nice soft set of jelly polishes for spring seemed so appropriate. Care to Danse? is a pink which many have described as leaning ever so slightly lilac, though I had trouble seeing that in person. 
I used 4 coats in the pictures because at 2 coats there it was a bit streaky. Application was a breeze! These light colors are great for an occasion where you don't want 'loud nails'. I'm also looking forward to using these in 'jelly sandwiches' where you sandwich a glitter polish in between layers of a jelly polish; the result is a slightly muted version of the glitter and can be really fun! For example, I've seen jelly sandwiches using a white jelly and a rainbow glitter, like Wet'n'Wild Party of Five Glitters, and it looks just like frosting with sprinkles!
I don't know that I would wear this alone very often, but I think it's a nice staple to have in my polish collection.


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