Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Kleancolor Chunky Poppy Holo

This is two layers over OPI on Collins Ave. In the bottle this was dense, had a great shift of colors, and really did look like poppy magic! This was my first real experience with Kleancolor polish, though I had been warned that they were stinky. Despite being warned about the stink, I figured since my sense of smell wasn't the best, and Seche Vite does not phase me much, I would be fine- oh my, I was in for a surprise! Upon opening the bottle I was hit with a stink that burned my throat- I probably should have stopped there, but in the name of glitter, ventured on. I was easy enough to work with, but did take forever to dry.

I was pretty happy with the final pay out and got several compliments on it, nevertheless, the smell has scared me off. I think this will probably be my last Kleancolor purchase unless they change the formula.


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