Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Butter London Trustafarian

I'm torn here. There is a big part of me that wants to whine about the fact that I paid $14 for just one polish. Yup, my normal polish purchases range from a mere $1 to about $8- I am normally a pretty frugal woman. However, I really can't complain too much, because I did choose to buy it after all. So, how does this silly spend-y polish end up in my basket? First, it is a linear holo- one of my favorite finishes! Second, I don't have anything like it in my collection. No ma'am, there was absolutely no soft green linear holo polish in my collections, so I had to change that when my eyes met Trustafarian.
The polish is a bit sheer, but I found that OPI Stranger Tides made the perfect undies for this polish. I was also very easy to paint with, and this is just two coats. I also have to give the polish so much credit for its great wear! I was unable to snap pictures on day one, on the second day I was stuck going through an incredible numbers of files at work, although I didn't get pictures until my third day of wear, look at how pristine this polish is!
I am so happy I begrudgingly submitted to this beautiful Butter London. Sorry if these aren't my best pictures- linear holos are so hard to capture with my camera!

In case you're curious, trustafarian is a term for a privileged child who chooses to portray a hippy or counterculture "hipster" lifestyle. It actually is a great name for this polish because with that $14 price point I complain so much about and it's green rainbow appearance, it really does fit the very definition of the name.


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