Saturday, August 11, 2012

Catrice Hip Queens Wear Blue Jeans

Today ladies, and gentlemen if you're out there, I will start by begging your forgiveness. Why? Because I'm showing you a polish you can't get stateside. I'm sorry, but this polish is just far too awesome to keep to myself.
This glorious almost denim like blue was pure perfect in just one coat. Yes, you read that right- a single coat. Now, how could I make this better? What if I told you that this polish was so easy to use that I only had to do clean up on a single nail -which was completely my fault by the way. Seriously, this may be the best dusty blue creme ever!
The only downside was that in the bottle, this polish had a fine blue shimmer, but I really didn't see it on the nail... we'll fix that in my next post!

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