Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Crowstoes Cheshire

I recently received this indie polish in a swap of sorts. I have a friend who has the same polish, but because this is an indie polish and each batch is made by hand, there are some slight variations. For example, her bottle has much more purple glitter where as mine is heavier on gold.
This polish is VERY thick, though I am not complaining at all- with my handy bottle of thinner, I can always make the polish thinner, however, if the reverse were true and the glitter was sparse/thin to start with, I could not do much about it. This polish has some super chunky glitter, which looks fantastic on the nail. I was quite pleased with how easy the glitter was to spread, and what a great variety I got on the nail with minimal effort.
The only thing that was less than thrilling was the removal. Ladies, get your cotton balls and foil ready for this one, and Google the term "nail polish foil removal method" if you have no idea what I'm talking about with that recommendation.
This is two coats layered over a purple creme. Can't you just see the Cheshire cat smiling back at you?


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