Friday, January 27, 2012

Sinful Colors Winterberry

Winter harvest- Winterberry
Sinful Colors Winterberry from the 2011 Destination America collection
Sinful Colors is a brand that does not get enough attention in my opinion. I have to give them credit for offering such an exceptional range of colors at such an affordable price point. When I was first getting back into polish, this was my go to drug store brand- it was a nice way to experiment with new colors without dropping a fortune. I do have mixed feelings on the fact that most of their collections are OPI knock offs. For example, today’s polish, Winterberry, came from the Destination America collection, a knock off of OPI’s Touring America collection. I am also slightly disappointed that it seems that the colors in their collection are often re-promotes of core color instead of new colors. That said, I’m still happy enough where I still purchase them. I have no complaints on the bottle, and unlike some inexpensive drug store brands, the brushes are decent and of consistent quality (Wet’n’Wild, I’m looking at you!).
Winterberry was a color worth buying, as it was not a re-promote, and I don’t have anything identical to it in my collection. I would describe the color as a dusty grape with hint of silver shimmer. It is a lovely crème that started out easy to apply.  What do I mean by started out? Well, the first coat of this polish went on with no issues, virtually no clean up, it was so very nice! Then, when I started my second coat, I noticed the polish had become kind of goopy, like it was already seizing up a bit. I ended up using thicker coats to make it easier to paint with- that was a bad idea. The thicker coat never completely dried and resulted in some bubbles. I was able to doctor it up, but it was so disappointing that such a lovely color which initially such easy application did not end as well as I expected.

I thinned the polish and will use it again only because I liked the color so much.
What is your favorite drug store polish brand?
How do you deal with bubbling polish?


  1. SO pretty and your pictures are really nice! Am a new follower-just found your blog!

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words! I'm still working on my photography skills... Glad you found me, and thanks so much for becoming a follower!