Friday, January 20, 2012

OPI Dating a Royal

Blueberry Crème or Jelly?
OPI Dating a Royal from the 2008 Mod About Brights Collection
After loving the flakies for a few days, I really wanted to use an untried I had heard so much about- OPI Dating a Royal.  As with all OPI, the bottle is only okay for me, not an ideal design, as it can easily be knocked over since it has a smaller base than top. The brush is great for my nails- a nice wide spread, but not so much I end up with a mess.
Dating a Royal is a true blue, perhaps a silly word play on being blue blooded (oh Suzi, you make me shake my head sometimes with your silly names)? The finish on this is very interesting as it falls somewhere between a crème and a jelly. It’s a bit too thin to be considered a true crème, though very wearable at just two coats, which isn’t normal for a jelly. It looks lovely on its own, but is a nice base for layering as well.
I have to rave about the formula on this polish! I was in a bit of a rush when I was putting this color on- not a good thing for dark colors, which can stain easily and are very noticeable on the skin. Despite my rush, this color was so easy to apply that it required virtually no clean up! This makes it a real keeper for me! The only place the polish ended up was exactly where I put it. <3 this color!

Do you consider Dating a Royal a crème or jelly?
What is your favorite blue polish?


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