Sunday, January 15, 2012

Fun with layering featuring Finger Paints Asylum

I was inspired on this one, but for the life of me, cannot remember where I saw it.

Base color; Essie Midnight Cami from Essie’s 2009 Cuddle with Color collection
I do like Essie, while I have heard mixed things on them; I have yet to have one that didn’t play well with me. The square bottle makes storage easy, and while the brush is small, it’s still easy to use. Midnight Cami was nice navy shimmer, and for layering, one coat was fine. If I was wearing it on its own, I would likely use two coats because I like my color opaque. Midnight Cami is such a great color because it’s dark blue, but without being so dark you’d mistake it for black.

Layer 1; Orly Androgynie from Holiday Soiree 2011
Orly is a favorite brand of mine. They have so many good qualities! The bottles are a full .6 oz! For reference OPI’s are .5 oz, Essie’s .46 oz, and Ulta’s current bottles are .3 oz, so this is quite generous. Second, the bottom heavy design is great because it prevents them from toppling over easily. Finally, that rubberized cap rocks! I have actually chipped nails trying to remove stubborn caps from nail polish, so I am in love with their easy grip tops.
Androgynie is a mix of glitters, gold, multicolored, small and large in a black jelly base. In the bottle, it rocks my world- when I first got it I just played with the bottle, examining, and admiring the contents. On the nail, I was a bit disappointed. The density of the glitters in the bottle looks perfect, but it would take many, many layers to build it up to what you see in the bottle. I still liked it, but I think I was so excited for what I saw in the bottle that not having that same density was a letdown.

Layer 2; Finger Paints Asylum from Finger Paint’s 2012 Special Effects collection
I don’t own many bottles of Finger Paints polish. I think because it’s a Sally Beauty Supply store brand, I’ve discounted it. To top it off, not many of their collection have blown me away. The bottle is okay, I believe it’s supposed to look like an ink well. The cap doesn’t quite thrill me- it’s a very thin top, and when it gets stuck, it’s quite a chore to remove.
That said, Finger Paints shocked and surprised me with the release of an entire collection of flakies! Oh, I love flakies- they can take a dark color and make it pop, they are more subtle than glitter (in my opinion), and they make my heart pitter patter. I stalked Sally’s after seeing the press release for this collection because I did not want to miss out. This collection was amazing- it brought flakies to the masses at an affordable price. Many of these are dupes of Nails Inc. flakies, sets which run $20 for a set of a .33 oz base color and .33 oz flakie. Asylum is a stunning mix of deep blue, purple, and orange flakies with some green and gold. I couldn’t help but stare at my nails when this was on.

Overall, I think this layering experiment was a success, though my nails did end up a bit thicker than I would have liked. It was very pretty- you could see little bits of the Androgynie glitter peeking out from the Asylum flakies. I had used Midnight Cami as a base hoping some of the blue would come through, but it seems the black jelly from Androgynie canceled out the blue.

What are your thoughts on flakies?
Do you ever layer your polishes?
Do you have a favorite layering combination?


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