Friday, May 25, 2012

Revlon Powder Puff

I don't have many Revlon polishes... It's not so much that I'm too much of a snob for drug store polishes, as I do have more than my share of Wet'n'Wild and Sinful Colors, but more that it's a brand I associate with safe, too tame for me, colors. As much as I love bold, bright colors, on occasion one does have a commitment that requires something soft, less noticeable. And here comes Powder Puff to fill that need.
Revlon Powder Puff is a matte finish white polish that shows a lovely blue shimmer in the bottle. When using this polish, I recommend using thin coats, not manipulating them too much, and allowing them to dry between coats, which will not take long since this is a matte finish.
This was a pretty decent white polish, become opaque in just two coats, though I was left disappointed that blue shimmer than was so apparent in the bottle did not translate to the nail at all.


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