Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nail decals tutorial - So easy!

I have heard about this method of making your own decals before, so I do not claim to be the original or invent the method, but that does not mean I'm any less thrilled to share this with you.
Ever wish you could paint as well on your nails as you do on a piece of paper? Now you can! With some very basic supplies you can create your own decals.
Supplies needed:

  • Plastic baggie
  • Clear nail polish, preferably thick- Color Club Clear did the trick for me
  • Your painting medium- I used both acrylic and regular opaque polish
  • Paint brushes for creating your design
  • Tweezers
  • Small scissors like those used for trimming eye brows.
To start, paint a layer of clear polish on the plastic bag a little larger than the decal you would like to make. Allow it to dry a bit, which maybe as quick as 10 to 20 minutes.
Next, paint your design- the possibilities are endless! This is a great way to do dry water marbles, tiny details you simply cannot make on your own hands, or even ensure that you are completely happy with your design before committing to put it on your nails.

Allow the design to dry completely, and the clear polish to dry further. The first time I did this, I allowed them to dry over night- this make the decals slide right off without the risk of gooey tears, but I have also done it in as a little as an hour without issue.

Finally, use the tweezers to gently lift your design from the plastic- lift the edges first so they do not tear! Use the little scissors to trim the design, put a layer of clear polish on the nail so it sticks to the nail, and cover with a coat of clear polish.
Enjoy and get creative!


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