Friday, June 8, 2012

So, I got home today and there was an unassuming padded envelope in the mail. My initial thought was, "Did I order something and forget about it?" but curiosity got the better of me, I found my self tearing through the plastic before I even walked through the door.
In the package was nothing more than a small note card and two bottle wrapped polishes. 
The note card read

Shrouded by mystery, and bubble wrap, I opened the first polish...
Two things I just love- purple and foil finishes! So lovely and thoughtful! I was grinning ear to ear...

Then, as I pulled the tape from plastic, my literally dropped. My eyes, no joke, became moist- a small portion of my faith in the kindness of strangers was restored. 
Yes, it was MAD AS A HATTER!!! My biggest lemming in nail polish life was in my mail box!!!

So, Anonymous Goddess, who ever you are, thank you!!


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