Monday, September 3, 2012

My other hobbies...

If you follow my blog it's likely that you are a fellow nail enthusiast or know me some how or other another.
In case you're curious about what I do outside of nails, here are a few of my favorite things...
These are my most recent endeavor - the best darn carrot cakes I've ever made! Even friends who do not normally care for carrot cakes gobbled these up. 

My most recent trip to lovely San Luis Obispo with dear husband was quite fun. We ate chowder and baked goods at Splash Cafe, and chuckled at some of lawn decor offered at the local hardware store... I wish I would have grabbed a few pictures of my dog on the beach. 

and Filming!
We're just one episode away from releasing season two of What's Good, Fresno?
Here's some behind the scene filming at Max's Bistro- who, by the way, has the best truffle fries I have ever had!


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