Friday, February 22, 2013

Glue Base Glitter Method

Many of you have probably heard about using school glitter as a base to make your own 'paint and peel' style polishes. This idea is fantastic, especially for a manicure that you only want to wear for a day that might be difficult to remove- like a glitter bomb for a party! I had to give it a try myself...
For less than a $1 you can pick up school glue from just about any retailer, and from my local nail supply, I was able to get an empty polish bottle for 70 cents to put the glue in so I could paint it on my nails.

I painted a generous amount on to my nails, giving it a chance to mostly dry before painting any color on.

Then I painted on my color- a base of Revlon Royal and two coats of the stunning Girly Bits Daddy's Little Girl. This glitter filled polish would usually be a challenge to remove!

I topped it with some flash dry top coat since I was in a hurry to get out the door, but I wore it for a good six hours before attempting removal. Because I put on the quick dry top coat, I did give all the nails a quick swipe of nail polish remover before starting to gently lift off the polish with a cuticle stick. I could not be more impressed with results! This is the removal from the thumb, accomplished with quite minimal effort...

I know there is some of the Revlon Royal that came through, though I can't complain as that last bit of color wiped right off with some remover. Ta-da!

Without a doubt, I will use this method in the future! It was cheap, easy, and peeling off the polish was actually quite amusing. I hope you give it a try too!


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